The Best Hawaiian Burger




After send boats off at Keihin Island, we went to Odaiba to have the best Hawaiian burger, Kua’ Aina.

I had Avocado Cheese burger. The putty is very juicy because it’s grilled on the charcoal grill. The seat was great location to see the rainbow bridge.

There were many anchored boats at Odaiba even though the rainy season.


朝一にBertram 570とBreakers 61の出航を見送った。

Breakers 61の流れる様なシアーライン。Volvo IPSによるジョイスティックでの余裕の離岸。ストレスを感じませんね。

これまた伝統に裏付けされたBertram 570のプロファイル。ボトムのVも深くオフシュアでは安定した走りをする。


I sent two boats off, Bertram 570 and Japanese Custom SF, Breakers 61, in the morning.

Breakers 61 has Volvo IPS engines, so it’s easy maneuverability. No stress at all! The long nose profile and elegant curve sheer line is very unique.

Bertram 570’s profile is based upon the legend design and deep V bottom is stable enough at the off-shore.

It’s good way to learn to see two different fantastic characteristic boats and feed back to the boat design.

Ship Accident




The paper’s article is that 10% ship accident is fall into a doze.

IMO decides to install doze presentation machine by 2011. In fact this law doesn’t effects under 500 ton ship.

There are owners to make a plan to long cruise in this summer. Please do NOT make rush schedule and have a great cruise memory.

Tokyo Tower



I visited the Tokyo Tower on the other day.

The tower is symbol of Tokyo and recognized very nice circumstance around there.

Public Art



There was public art in Aoyama suddenly.

It seems boat mold for me because I’m in the boat building field.