2011年 6月 の記事

21st century Propulsion System

Volvo IPS system and something same function of drive system are definitely 21st century propulsion system. “Fuel efficiency” and “Maneuverability” is amazing!! At the same time, we can get a lot of interior space.

Production boat manufacture is getting shift to use this propulsion system.

As long as it’s different system as shaft and propeller, the mold and bottom has to be modify to fit on the this system. The engine position would be changed, that means weight balance, GM has to be calculated and adjust. Bottom deadrise is also another issue to install the drive unit.

I assume the boat propulsion system gradually shift toward more this kind of systems.

Volvo IPSシステム等の推進システムは、21世紀のボート推進器システムでしょう。「燃費の良さ」や「操縦性の高さ」、そしてGPSなどと連動した「ポジションシステム」などの利点が多いです。それと、居住区のスペースが大きくとれるという事も利点ですね。




Seattle Challenge – #10, What’s the purpose of coming Seattle??

I just returned from Seattle.

Why I went to Seattle? Well, I need to
recognize what I should do and want to make sure what position I’m in now.

This trip went so well and I recognized
what I really want and which way I should head to. I could meet many, many warm
people and thru the conversation, it comes up many original ideas.

I appreciate people I met and my background
of city of Seattle.




of Seattleに感謝です。

Seattle Challenge – #9, Seattle Design Center

I went to the Seattle Design Center to check new material and stuff.

I need to keep updating my resource to present my design to client.

I found some interesting leather hide that I’d like to use on the project.

In addition, when I looked around many shops, my brain would be refreshing to receive an idea. Before I forget the idea, I sketched it, otherwise it never comes back.

I’ve got useful resource and many brochures.






Seattle Challenge – #8, Delta Marine

I had a chance to visit the grate boatbuilder, Delta Marine.

I could meet with the president of the yard thru my friend’s client.

He was very kind to show us the finished boat on the river in front of the yard and took a tour of design department, naval architect department and the largest, 66 meter, yacht ever build in US from drawing and model.

It was such a good experience to meet president and took a look at yard. I really appreciate for my friend arrangement.

シアトルのボーイング工場の側にある「Delta Marine」のオーナーと会ってきました。


Delta Marineは今までに様々の賞を取っているボートビルダーです。


Delta Marineのオーナーのは親切なアテンドで、進水したボート(150フィート)を見せて頂きました。アメリカ造船史上、最大の「66m (217ft)」のボートを建造します。図面やモデルを見せてもらいました。




Seattle Challenge – #7, Mr. Brian Holland (Boat Designer)


I visited boat designer, Mr. Brian Holland, at Salmon Bay office.

He took me to take a look at the one boat he designed.

It’s such a nice office new office.

We had great meeting to talk about China.

シアトルのサーモンベイにオフィスがあるFraser YachtのBrian Hollandさんとのミーティングです。