2012年 9月 の記事

Maritime & Coastguard Agency

We have to follow the rules when it’s building a yacht of any size naturally.

Above 24m is quite complicated and related many rules. Many superyachts are building under shipyard’s familiar class and get MCA LY2. This rule is quite popular.

Even though we are studying MARPOL, at the same time we will research and study MCA that is A4, 180 pages. Once it reads through overall, we can get where is the related rule for certain project.




これも一部分のルールだけで180ページあります。まずは全体を把握し、該当する箇所をピックアップし、Research & Studyです。

Motor Yacht Staircase

Designing staircase is related many things.

Dimension of tread & riser, angle and curve radius is very important. Lighting and handrail as well.

At the same time safety is crucial. Most Japanese owner prefer to take off their shoes inside and have socks on their foots. Socks are slippery on wood floor.

We’ll measure many boat staircases as much as possible to get the right scale. We will design designed staircase with most safety care.





LED Light

Italian leading Motor Yacht lighting manufacture, Cantalupi Light, gave us an interesting newsletter.

Normal incandescent light will be banned for many countries. It’s banning by bulb W gradually.

We had an experience for the refit project about couple of months ago, the owner sticks with Halogen light just change the fixture, however it was really hard to find the standard halogen light.

Many manufacture tends to make LED light now.

We get to follow the trend and need to know & study LED technology.


多くの国で「白熱電球」が禁止になるとの事。この表によると、電球のWによって年々禁止されていきます (日本では既に全てが禁止・・)。





We had a commission to design the company’s Logo, Card, Envelope, Web Site, Blog and Sticker.

I often interviewed with the owner to get the idea of company’s philosophy and background.

We developed several logo designs and focused on simplicity of the shape related to marine.

It’s multi-media strategy recently, like SNS, and we’re proposing several ideas following up the current PR solution.





Cabinet Hinge

Of course American boat is using most stuff American ones. European’s boat is Euro’s.

Even thought the cabinet hinge has to import from US because manufacture is American. But it happens discontinue the product quite often especially fabric.

The above is original hinge and blow is new one. The shape is slightly changed, however the screw and hole position is same. That can be used perfectly even no modification needs. That saves labor cost a lot.