Hatteras 63CMY

造船所に入渠作業中の「Hatteras(ハトラス)63 CMY(コックピットモーターヨット)」。



The photo is Hatteras 63 CMY(Cockpit Motor Yacht) haul out at the Shipyard in Tokyo.

She is re-painting the hull for new owner. The hull color is quite difficult to pick one color. The sun is always changing by season and control the total balance.

The total image is same direction towards the coat design as esprit sense.

Even though the Card Design





We are re-structuring my company’s logo. We are staring from card design first.

People get many cards to meet people especially, in businesswise, at the party.

I don’t want to design the card that through away after meeting and remind people face and character.

We can see the design direction, but we will search why that design little bit more.

PHAEDRA Tokyo 2011 Spring & Summer collection


FashionableなSpring Coatですよね。生地・形状・スタイルと色々なコンビネーションが出来るのだな~と勉強になりました(例えば、PHAEDRAデザインのカバンにスカーフの色の組合せ等)。




I went to see fashion brand, PHAEDRA TOKYO’s 2011 Spring & Summer collection display at Daikanyama RGB gallery.

The photo is very stylish coat. I’ve seen that there are interesting fabric, style and shape with various combination.

I wanted to talk with PHAEDRA TOKYO’s designer, but I can’t hold her long time.

There is partly with Kachy who is together on Mega Yacht charter at Miyako Island, fashion brand. It’s also cool.

Happy Birthday!!

It’s very pressure moment to celebrate the birthday with warm heart people. Many call and mail received. Feel not standing alone.

Can be myself because having the all the people’s support.

Won’t forget the kindness. Think harder, act clever.

Life is art with many warm colors.

The word is coming the appreciation from bottom of my heart.

Mega Yacht x Super Car

週末(9/11日)、Super Carオーナーをゲストに、Mega Yachtが出航しました。



「メガヨット x スーパーカー」という、どこかに交わる点を探せる良い機会になりました。


The Mega Yacht sailed out on Sep. 11th, on board with the super car owners.

We headed to the Yokohama port, Akarenga area for beautiful night view.

The guests have same interest towards car, so it’s very comfortable with all together.

It’s good opportunity to think about the point that is cross over Mega Yacht’s and Super Car’.

Thank you very much for being on board.