Bertram 410 Sea Trial – #9

ショーが始まる前に「Bertram 410」のシートライアルをした。外洋は風が強く、船の性能を判断するには良い海況です。やはりバートラムですね。

停泊中のメガヨットや、世界一の大型客船が数隻います。メガヨットのインテリアは、オーナーがプロジェクトの初期段階からデザイナーが介在しデザインされますが、プロファイルは決まっている『Semi Custom Yacht』が多いです。Profileを見ていても個性があって面白い。

We did sea trial for Bertram 410 in the morning. It was very windy day out, so good to know the boat ability at rough condition. I must say that even though small boat, the running capability is Bertram technology.

It was interesting to see mooring Mega Yachts and cruise ships. The Mega Yacht project is usually owner’s taste reflects inside and profile set up, semi-custom yacht style. Profile design represents yacht builders character for their boat.

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2010 – #8


SF(Sports Fisherman)を中心に見る。それぞれのメーカーの特徴が見れます。


We went to Ft. Lauderdale boat show in whole day. There were many people coming, so the city had bad traffic. The boat show site is in front of pictured beach.

I took a look at Sports Fisherman boat today. It’s interesting to see each manufacture’s character.

It’s about 30℃ outside, I have to move efficiently and look around everything.

Ferretti Group Party – #7

夜は、Ferrettiグループのパーティに出席。フェレッティ・グループCEOのSalvatore Basileさんが挨拶されていました。



I attended the Ferretti Group Party at Allied Marine show room. Mr. Salvatore Basile came the party to make a speech.

The 92 feet Riva, Duchessa, appeared when change the music and spot light targeted to the canal. It’s very unique way to show new item.

I will go to boat show from tomorrow.

Lauderdale Marine Center – #6

デザインセンターを後にして、メガヨットが集中する「Lauderdale Marine Center」へ。敷地が大きいので、カートで移動です。


After the design center, we went to Mega Yacht marina, Lauderdale Marine Center. The site is huge, so we moved by golf curt.

I though there were few boats because of boat show, but there were many of yachts in the marina.



It was very kind of Lauderdale Marine owner that we could take a look at new Burger 100 ft over yacht. Captain welcomed us on board and took us to the tour. She took 5 years to build. The interior is very detailed and American taste of design.

It’s good resource to me to have a chance to see it. Thank you very much for the tour.

DCOTA (Design Center Of The America) – #5

Custom Big Boatプロジェクトのインテリア・コンポーネントの調査で、デザインセンターに行った。前から行きたいと思っていたが、やっといけました。

Seattleの事務所にいた頃は、足しげく通っていました。Ft. Lauderdaleのデザインセンターも、シアトルのと似ています。日本のものとは、スケールだけではなく、各ショップのクォリティが違います。




We went to the design center in FL under the custom big boat project. I had been wanted to visit this design center since I’m coming FL.

When I was in Seattle to work for custom Mega Yacht interior design firm, I often visited Seattle design center. FL’ is almost same function as Seattle’s.

I need to look for ceiling, wall and floor material plus important item, Art. It’s almost everything in the space. I saw fabric, leather, furniture, bath fixture, galley equipment and hardware.

We had been walking around each floor and talking about what’s what. I think this kind of conversation is very, very important because idea is free under no pressure. I called it brain storming.

I got a lot of samples, so I have to get organize on each theme.