Bertram570 Refit #2



It’s been a process of Bertram 570 Mezzanine Refit project. We design the hatch can be opened with cushion. The photo is the connection point of seat and back where is water proof veneer in the picture.

The construction on the boat such as modification and lamination using existing wall is priority things to do. After carpentry, paint job will be start. While painting on boat, hatches, storage box and full beam step will make in the factory.


It has to be carefully adjusted by mm because existing wall are fairly rough.


Tokyo Night View Cruise




The boat was out for cruise on yesterday, May 13th. It was strong north wind, so it brought cold wind.

The guest on board was international. It seems like they had a good time on boat and enjoyed the Tokyo Bay night view.

We anchored at Odaiba. There were many Party boats even weekday.

Bertram570 Refit Kick Off #1




Bertram 570 refit project kick off. The project is existing wet bat to Mezzanine.

It’s very, very hard to set up base line because there are many line coming and deck is angled and steps are angled as well.

Even design and drawing is processing, the construction is already started, so we will prepare the drawing quickly with accuracy.


I found something wrong in the drawing, so I went to site to check it. After discussion with carpenter leader, it needed to modify the base line.



Existing wall to be cut at the point of hatch front extension and wall point.

We have been discussing with carpenter leader in detail and design and building construction method.

祝・開店 / Opening the restaurant






The Korean style BBQ restaurant called “KIM” is just opened during May’s holidays.

Restaurant owner went to same school and used to be my roommate when I was in Seattle. It only him knows that it’s quite experience to opening the shop since he quitted his previous job.

Obviously there is no food photo. I had a lot of drink and talked a lot, so I couldn’t have.

Meats itself is great, but salt enhances the tender and taste. I recommend eating with salt. In addition, Sushi is good as well.

The restaurant address is “2-2-2 Shirozane, Minato-Ku, Tokyo”. It’s close to shirogane-Takanawa Station.

Living on the edge・・

What should you care? Which way should you go?

It’s too easy to say I don’t care. But it’s not the way you want to end up. There ain’t only green, yellow and red signal in the real life.

You will and have been face many, many difficulties. You may be sick and tired of the relationship, that’s only because you care and it may be very important thing. It’s very hurt now, but it’s gonna be good memory in the future?

You believe there is something over the rainbow. What is it? You will see it and get there. You count on me when you face it and I’ll be there for you whenever you need me. It sounds old school? Well, I don’t give a sh** old school or new school, though.