Living on the edge・・

What should you care? Which way should you go?

It’s too easy to say I don’t care. But it’s not the way you want to end up. There ain’t only green, yellow and red signal in the real life.

You will and have been face many, many difficulties. You may be sick and tired of the relationship, that’s only because you care and it may be very important thing. It’s very hurt now, but it’s gonna be good memory in the future?

You believe there is something over the rainbow. What is it? You will see it and get there. You count on me when you face it and I’ll be there for you whenever you need me. It sounds old school? Well, I don’t give a sh** old school or new school, though.

Wood Veneer Sample




The wood veneer is very important material in boat interior. We went to the showroom to check the wood.

There are many type of wood species and have wood original flat and straight grain figure. We can select the finish as mat or hi-gloss. It appears very different looks.

We have to select the wood based upon the site condition and consider the millwork construction.

PHAEDRA TOKYO meets Aston Martin

Phaedra Tokyoが展示されていたアトランティックカーズへ行ってきた。

Aston Martin とPhaedra Tokyoのブランドがうまい具合に混ざり合い、融合され新しい世界観が構成されていた。


I went to the Atlantic Cars showroom to see the fashion brand Phaedra Tokyo.

The showroom is mixed with Aston Marin’ and Phaedra Tokyo’s concept in creating new proposal of the world.

The fashion is very interesting way to design and create new things.

Sea Japan 2010

東京ビッグサイトで開催された「Sea Japan 2010」。



It was held the show called “Sea Japan 2010” at Tokyo Big Site.

This show was target to large commercial vessel, but I went there for research for each country’s classification and approved equipment. It is odd to me, but it was probably natural to serve the white & red wine most of the booth.


We will keep updating each classification and studying the rule.

Graphic Design


The photo is the coaster where I went to bar the other day.




I like this graphic design. There is message with cute graphic.

The message doesn’t come too strong, but it catches eye on it. It’s great balance of it.

Even though the nice designed coaster, the main thing is drink. This design notices that it makes people having fun with drinks.