When I’m designing, I often stuck on the certain point.

I need to brush up the initial design and take a time to look thru the reference.

I not only look thru yacht magazine, but art book, most likely architecture book.

I like Mies Van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. I look thru the books and learn something from their sketches and architecture. I jot down on the note and go back to drawing board.

DESIGN is related to many aspects, so I have to pay attention to many things, such as art.




「Mies Van der Rohe」や「Frank Lloyd Wright」が好きなので、その本を見ます。好きが高じて両氏の建築物をNYやChicagoに見に行き、感じてきました。スケッチや建築の写真を見て、自分の図面に描き込んでいきます。


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