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Very Important interior item – Fabric!





I had a meeting with the fabric manufacture for the progressing project.

Even I find specific fabric for the boat, it may often be discontinued. I have suffered this problem, so I would like to have a meeting with manufacture pre stage at the project.

Fabric is very, very important item in yacht interior. People can touch, sit and lay down on it. It should be certain grade for yacht owner.

This meeting has another purpose. When I see gorgeous fabric, I can expand the interior image thru it.

I want to make a color board soon, but now what I need to do first is selecting interior specs and drawing the layout and elevation

Pleysier 40 – #1





I went to the YFC marina in Kanazawa Hatukei to check the Australian wood boat “Pleysier”.

The menu is fly bridge refit and layout change.

Pleysier is wooden boat, even cabinet is all wood. No fiberglass lamination at all. She is very characteristic boat.

I, first, measure existing floor plan and elevation, and layout new plan. It requires function based upon the scale.





I went to Nagoya for the presentation by bullet train. It only takes 1 hour and half, so the area is marketing area from Tokyo.

The gorgeous French restaurant in Matuya department wall design is really unique. Using Swarovski crystal on the wall is elegant and really eye catching.

The display showcase design at department basement store is also caught my eyes for the good reference on current project.

Boat Interior Decoration – #12





After finish the Ft. Lauderdale boat show, I’m doing purchasing boat equipment, meeting with boat magazine people and preparing export the boats.

There are many types of marine related shops in FL. Seattle where I used to living doesn’t have much compare to FL.

We buy tons of interior decoration items at Ft. Lauderdale shop. We bought pillow, throw, lighting, plate, bath accessories and table ware. If the boat decorates designed items under certain theme, the space will be so gorgeous looking. And also it shows owners taste thru the selected items.

Lauderdale Marine Center – #6

デザインセンターを後にして、メガヨットが集中する「Lauderdale Marine Center」へ。敷地が大きいので、カートで移動です。


After the design center, we went to Mega Yacht marina, Lauderdale Marine Center. The site is huge, so we moved by golf curt.

I though there were few boats because of boat show, but there were many of yachts in the marina.



It was very kind of Lauderdale Marine owner that we could take a look at new Burger 100 ft over yacht. Captain welcomed us on board and took us to the tour. She took 5 years to build. The interior is very detailed and American taste of design.

It’s good resource to me to have a chance to see it. Thank you very much for the tour.