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Ferretti Group Party – #7

夜は、Ferrettiグループのパーティに出席。フェレッティ・グループCEOのSalvatore Basileさんが挨拶されていました。




I attended the Ferretti Group Party at Allied Marine show room. Mr. Salvatore Basile came the party to make a speech.

The 92 feet Riva, Duchessa, appeared when change the music and spot light targeted to the canal. It’s very unique way to show new item.

I will go to boat show from tomorrow.


Lauderdale Marine Center – #6

デザインセンターを後にして、メガヨットが集中する「Lauderdale Marine Center」へ。敷地が大きいので、カートで移動です。


After the design center, we went to Mega Yacht marina, Lauderdale Marine Center. The site is huge, so we moved by golf curt.

I though there were few boats because of boat show, but there were many of yachts in the marina.



It was very kind of Lauderdale Marine owner that we could take a look at new Burger 100 ft over yacht. Captain welcomed us on board and took us to the tour. She took 5 years to build. The interior is very detailed and American taste of design.

It’s good resource to me to have a chance to see it. Thank you very much for the tour.

Bertram Day – #3

朝からアメリカン・スポーツフィッシャーマンの代表格『Bertram』の調査をFerretti Groupのショールームで行った。この雰囲気が良いですね。


We went to Ferretti Group show room in Ft. Lauderdale in the morning. We took a look at the 40 footer Bertram.

I really like this show room atmosphere. The space represents several Italian boat manufacture’s world. It’s better talk with owner at this kind of space instead of sitting in the conference room. I will make such kind of circumstance in Tokyo in the future.

車を走らせマイアミへ。これまたBertramのSea Trialです。幅が狭い運河を70 footerの大きなボートを走らせ、外洋へ。



Bertram Dayの一日でした。

After visit the show room, we head to Miami to go Bertram factory. We did the sea trail on 70 footer. The big 70 footer went narrow canal to go sea.

We back to marina and hauled up to check the bottom with rubber hammer.

I needed to get the date from engines, generators and to check interior.

It was Bertram day.

Photo from Design dep. desk



We’ve been designing big boat. The profile deign and direction is almost fixed.

The photo form design department desk shot.

Interesting Day!!



I had to attend the international guest whole day.

The Cerulean hotel in Shibuya is earth color tone interior.


First we cruise to Yokohama bay and port in Tokyo shortly and after that cruise to Tokyo bay. It’s very interesting to see two different views from the sea. It was nice day and very pleasant sea breeze.


スープから始まるコースメニュー。全て美味しかったです。この「ロブション キャビア缶」。量に圧倒されましたが、ペロリとたいらげてしまいました。


We had dinner at Joel Robuchon restaurant in Ebisu. Each dish was excellent and I especially like photo’s Robuchon special Caviar can.

We had very interesting conversation thru a day with several guests. It’s the beginning of new page.